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1893 Sermons on the Three Angels Message

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05- 1893 G.C. Sermon

 I find that some are beginning to get a little perplexed by not doing what we agreed to the first night, or else they did not get here in time to agree to that.

04- 1893 G.C. Sermon

A question has been handed up. Question: Can the States logically refuse to fall into line with the Supreme Court decision, defining the national constitution in its relation to religion?

03- Awake To the Times 1893 G.C. Sermon

 I will take up the subject where we stopped last night and read just two sample statements of those we had in mind when the hour closed last night. Here is one:

02- Religious Legislation 1893 G.C. Sermon

 I will take a text tonight that will last a week at least. It is a familiar statement to all, I think. It is as follows:

01- The Spirit of Truth 1893 GC Sermon

 As we begin our Bible study I think it would be well to spend this hour, at any rate, in considering what we came for, and how we are to come to get any good. I suppose that every one came expecting to hear things we never thought of before; and not only expecting to hear things we never thought of before, but expecting to learn things we never thought of before.