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1891 General Conference Sermons on Romans

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09-1891 General Conference Sermons by E.J. Waggoner

   "For if when we were enemies, we were reconciled to God by the death of his Son, much more, being reconciled, we shall be saved by his life. And not only so, but we also joy in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom we have now received the atonement." Romans 5:10, 11.

08-1891 General Conference Sermons by E.J. Waggoner

      One motive only should actuate the minds of those who study the word of God and that is that they may by this study be drawn nearer to God. God is no respecter of persons. He will give His Holy Spirit to any and to all who ask for it. He is just as willing to make the truths of the Bible plain to one as to another.

07-1891 General Conference Sermons by E.J. Waggoner

    Chapter five contains a partial enumeration of the blessings which are fruits of such a faith as that portrayed in chapter four. It shows the Christian development of the life of anyone who has the faith of Abraham. Two words form the keynote of the chapter--much more.

06-1891 General Conference Sermons by E.J. Waggoner

      In the fourth chapter of the book of Romans we have faith in a concrete form. The narrative of the lives of Abraham and Sarai in connection with the birth of Isaac furnish a practical example of justification by faith.

05-1891 General Conference Sermons by E.J. Waggoner

    The principles laid down in preceding lessons cause us to wonder that any should ever suppose that the doctrine of justification by faith is going to lower the law of God. Justification carries the law on the face of it. The only danger is in not getting it. It establishes the law in the heart. Justification is the law incarnate in Christ, put into the man, so it is incarnate in the man.

04-1891 General Conference Sermons by E.J. Waggoner

    The basis of the lesson of the evening is the latter half of the third chapter of Romans, beginning with the 19th verse. "Now we know that whatsoever things the law saith, it saith to them that are under the law; that every mouth may be stopped and all the world may become guilty before God."

03-1891 General Conference Sermons by E.J. Waggoner

    In our study of the first and second chapters we have found that knowledge without God is foolishness and immorality and that a high profession or, as Paul states it, circumcision of the flesh profits nothing, where the thing which that sign was given to indicate--the righteousness of God by faith, the circumcision of the heart--is not present.

02-1891 General Conference Sermons by E.J. Waggoner

    The first chapter of Romans, after its introduction, can be summarized as the condition of man without God and how he gets in that condition. The cause of this condition can be stated in one word--unbelief.

16-1891 General Conference Sermons by E.J. Waggoner

    This is the last evening allotted to our Bible study, and it therefore seems proper that we should take a little review of the truths we have been considering. We shall find this review outlined in Revelation 14:6-12:

15-1891 General Conference Sermons by E.J. Waggoner

   It will be necessary to skip from the eighth to the thirteenth chapter; not but that there are some of the most important truths in the Bible contained in the intervening chapters, but the time allotted for this series of Bible study is too limited to admit of their perusal. So tonight we will take up the study of the 13th chapter, as it treats upon questions which are of vital importance to all believers in the third angel's message.