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1889 Sermons on Righteousness

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05-1889 Sermon on Righteousness by A.T. Jones

   2 Corinthians5:17. We have seen how we are brought into Christ and how this says ifany man is brought into Christ he is a new creature. Gal. 6:15; 5:6, nothingavails but this and faith that works by love of God, being made a new creatureby faith.

04-1889 Sermon on Righteousness by A.T. Jones

   1 John 5:4, "And this is the victory that overcometh the world, even your faith." Faith is victory. There is a warfare before us, a conflict to engage in, but I am glad we may have victory. The eleventh of Hebrews is all on faith and seems to be written with especial reference to Christ's second coming as shown by the last of the preceding chapter.

03-1889 Sermon on Righteousness by A.T. Jones

    This morning we will study some texts that speak to us of faith, what we are to do with it and what it will do for us. Romans 5:1 to be justified is to be accounted righteous and this by faith. Romans 4:5; Romans 3:22. This righteousness is to take the place of all our sins, remember. Now see what the Lord will do with our sins, Isa. 1:18.

02- 1889 Sermon on Righteousness by A.T. Jones

The subject is how to obtain that righteousness of which we read yesterday, the righteousness of God which only will avail. Rom. 3:24, justified means accounted righteous. How? Freely. By what means? Grace. What is grace? Favor. Let us ever believe this text, holding fast to it forever. In regard to grace we read Romans 11:6, which means we are justified freely by his grace without works otherwise it is not grace.

01- 1889 Sermon on Righteousness by A.T. Jones

Matt. 6:33--"Seek ye first . . . his righteousness," is the subject today. We notice first whose righteousness we are to seek. It is God's. We must seek and find it or we will not be saved. Nothing else will avail. We must know,  however, where to seek for it and how, because we often seek for it in the wrong place; for instance, as many do,in the law of God, and through keeping it. We will never find it there.